Monday, February 4, 2008

Smith Electric Vehicles, possible military applications?

The Smith Edison offers a payload of 2925 pounds, and a range of 150 miles per charge! I can imagine this vehicle delivering such things as supplies and mail too and around military bases in friendly countries.

The Smith Newton can carry payloads up to 3.5 tons! And has a range of 130 miles per charge! It would be ideal for delivering such things as fuel, and spare parts too and around bases in friendly countries.

The Smith Faraday, has a payload of greater then two tons! The great thing about the Faraday is its variety of potential uses, it could be used as a recycling and trash pickup truck, while also having potential to deliver much needed supplies that need refigeration.

I think the US Military should be investing in such trucks. With modifications these trucks might even be able to operate in combat environements! Therefore saving the military hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars a year in transportation costs! And with much fewer parts then conventional diesel delivery trucks, the savings in maintenance costs would be astonishing!

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